Episode 1 – Our Inaugural Episode!

Our Inaugural Episode


Episode 1
(Air Date: May 1, 2012)

We are live! Yay for Big Fat Vegan Radio!
Please feel free to contact us with any comments/questions/etc
Email: bigfatveganradio@gmail.com
Leave us a voicemail: (315) VEGAN-01 (that’s 315-834-2601)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BigFatVeganRadio
Twitter: @bigfatvegans

**Ben and Laura’s “Hisses and Purrs”

Laura hates the PCRM fat shaming ad campaigns. Read about why:

Laura loves these articles from the NY Times:
The Myth of Sustainable Meat

Is an Egg for Breakfast Worth This?

Chicken Without Guilt:

The Human Cost of Animal Suffering:

Arsenic in our Chicken:

Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys
Ben loves Rachel Kay! Follow her on Twitter!

Ben hates that these foods which secretly contain animal parts. Check out the photo!

…for more info on vegan alcohol visit

Ben loves Christopher Dallman!
…Especially his new Toxic video
(be sure to choose the “YOU” option to see the video featuring footage from Earthlings)

Ben loves NY State Senator Tony Avella and his Bill A7748 which he has proposed to ban horse carriages in NY!
See the link for all the details and to learn what YOU can do to help this get passed

**Ben and Laura’s favorite things, April edition!

Chloe’s Kitchen

Daiya Cheese Wedges
Buy them from Vegan Essentials!

Sarah Kramer’s Go Vegan iphone app

Bee Free Honee
Buy it from Pangea!

**Big Fat Vegan Food!

Dun-Well Donuts
222 Montrose Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11206

See the Big Fat Vegan Radio photo album from the trip:


Tim VanOrden
Watch The Protein Myth

The Discerning Brute (Joshua Katcher)
Watch Concrete Catwalk

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8 Responses to Episode 1 – Our Inaugural Episode!

  1. Mod Pod Daily says:

    *HUGE APPLAUSE* for my two friends: Ben & Laura who have done such an OUTSTANDING job on their Inaugural debut of such an amazing and entertaining and truly just an all around wonderful vegan experience! The activism shines through both of you. I really appreciated the compliments from Ben & Laura that were said about me, I feel like crying tears of joy! We are a team…a vegan team. We are all in this together and won’t ever lose our passion for what we believe in and to help make the lives of others…beautiful! *Forget that girl who lamely made it seem like you forget what you believe in: its not true!* You both are AMAZING! I can’t wait for the next show…xooxx love you!…Rachel Kay 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    What about us folks who don’t use Itunes?

    • Matt! We are new to this! What would be the best way for you to listen to our podcast? How do you currently listen/download podcasts you enjoy now? What can we do to help make this available to you?

      • Ian says:

        If it helps, I can say what our experience is at The Vegan Option (another monthly vegan podcast; about 20 minutes of highly crafted stories, science and analysis from a vegan perspective. Plug over).

        We have very roughly equal numbers of (i) subscribers, (ii) views on our YouTube listening posts, and (iii) listens on Stitcher. But the number of downloads is roughly the same as all of those put together; which implies that lots of people are playing it in the web page, downloading individual episodes from iTunes (other podcatchers are available), or simply downloading it manually – the stats don’t tell us which.

        What this does tells me is that it’s worth making the show available in as many ways as possible, because most people don’t know what a podcast is, let alone that you need to download them in iTunes (or similar) and then sync to your MP3 player.

        Even a major broadcaster like the BBC sometimes has problems getting people to make full use of its podcasts – its Radio boss blogs about “demystifying the whole process” and some shows talk about their “free downloads” rather than “podcasts”.

        That’s part of why I suggested calling The Vegan Option an “Internet Radio Show” instead of a podcast.

  3. Annabelle says:

    I loved the show. But, I wish Laura would stop constantly interrupting every time Ben is saying something interesting. I almost stopped listening several times because of this.

    • Thanks for your feedback Annabelle! We hope Laura doesn’t drive you too crazy and you keep listening! xo

    • Ben Strothmann says:

      Hi, Annabelle — this is Ben. My apologies if this hurt your enjoyment of the show, but I must take full responsibility here. I do 100% of the editing of the show. What you are hearing is usually NOT what actually went down in recording.

      After recording our first episode, I realized I was doing about 80% of the talking, and I was constantly going off on a tangent, hijacking the conversation (ineffectively), and cutting Laura off when she was in the middle of something.

      To make for a more even flow, I’ve edited myself quite a bit in post production so that I’m not constantly de-railing our conversation. I am very lucky having Laura as a co-host, because I feel she does a great job of helping to keep me focused and to keep me on subject. (I have a pretty bad case of Attention Deficit Hyper Activity disorder, so this is a pretty tall order for Laura!)

      We’re still working on the flow of things, so I’m sure as we get further into this, we’ll find our groove. Thanks for sticking with us!

      –Ben (a.k.a. Honey LaBronx)

  4. Ian says:

    Thanks for answering my email. Diana was highly amused by Ben’s suggestion that, if I’m short of time to listen to podcasts, I obviously don’t spend enough time in the kitchen or the gym – it’s almost as if you know me!

    Perhaps I gave you the impression that I only listen to vegan podcasts from NYC – although NYC is a podcasting powerhouse, there are 26 podcasts on The Vegan Feed alone let alone the ones that somehow manage to be interesting despite having nothing to do with veganism :).

    But you’re right – your humour and helpfulness absolutely stand out; the interview with Vegan Pilot Marty was great :).

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