Episode 2- Vegan Meats at May Wah, Veggie Prom & Pride, and more!

Vegan Meats at May Wah, Veggie Prom & Pride, and more!


Episode 2
(Air Date: June 1, 2012)

Sorry for the delay on the release of episode 2 y’all, but we are still figuring out this whole podcasting game and hope you noticed some improvement in the sound. We are going to continue to work on our sound quality with the goal to make it sound as excellent as possible on our budget.

Do continue to check for our new episodes on the first of each month!

Please hit us up with any feedback you have, we love hearing from you!
Email: bigfatveganradio@gmail.com
Leave us a voicemail: (315) VEGAN-01 (that’s 315-834-2601)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BigFatVeganRadio
Twitter: @bigfatvegans


Get more info about these great events here and here. DJ Lil Ray is awesome! And she’s vegan! Check out this great interview with her.


Laura loves Goose Watch NYC! Get involved!!

Goose Watch NYC Facebook page
Goose Watch NYC’s website

Petition Mayor Bloomberg and Sen Gillibrand

Contact Sen Gillibrand!

Laura hates the Save Foie Gras campaign! Tell them they suck!
Check it out on twitter @savefoiegras and facebook

Ben loves the Peace Advocacy Network! Get involved!
Like them on Facebook!

Ben hates Beano!
It contains dead fishes. Gross. Try these herbal remedies instead! They’re great!


Check out our Facebook photos from the trip!

May Wah is awesome!
Order online!

We like Champs too, check them out!

176 Ainslie St

(between Lorimer St & Manhattan Ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Info about fish farming
PETA’s video about fish “The Silent Scream”

Online shopping alternatives:
Vegan Essentials


May Wah

Faux Gras and Basilicotta:
The Regal Vegan

Theme song by: Michael Harren
Art and logo by: Kelly Huffine

Check out:
The Seed: A Vegan Experience

And this month’s featured music:
Dynasty Electric

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2 Responses to Episode 2- Vegan Meats at May Wah, Veggie Prom & Pride, and more!

  1. Mary says:

    Love you guys, you are so funny! Like Honey, I am also a gassy vegan who recently found out Beano was not vegan. I instead bought Bean-zyme, it has the same ingredients as Beano but has a vegan version (no gelatin cap) It works just as well for me, only catch is you gotta take it right at the first bite of food. So once you are already gassy, it’s too late!

  2. janet.lopez says:

    I just tried the daia Harvati style wedge. I am in heaven. Thanks for talking about it. I did not eat the whole thing. I was good and just put some on four organic veggie crackers. Yum yum! I finally found a non cheese that is so close to cheese that it could fool most of my non vegan friends.
    Thanks again!

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